We would be thrilled to have you become part of our church family.  To do so, we recommend that you attend regularly the worship and some events of the church for a few months.  Then be sure to attend a 1st Things Class which meets 3-4 times a couple of times a year.  During that class you will learn more about our beliefs, our fellowship, and our mission.  If you are still interested in becoming a member, we encourage you to fill out a one page application that helps us to get to know you and your faith, meet with the pastor and/or deacons who will ask about your testimony and make a recommendation to the congregation, and then you will be welcomed into membership at the conclusion of one of our Sunday morning worship service.  If you would like to get things moving, feel free to contact the church office or talk to Pastor Tom on a Sunday.  We will be praying that the Lord will direct your heart in the way that He pleases.

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